Start a New Club

Before You Begin

Has your club ever existed? Even if it was a couple of years ago? Try and fill out a renewal instead.

Step 1: Read the Clubs Handbook and FAQ

Basic Information

This is your club's official name and appears on all of its documents and correspondence. Please make sure you capitalize it appropriately.
For example, Lakehead University Tennis Club would be "LUTC"

Your Club's Purpose

Here is where you define what your club will be doing. Remember to keep it as broad and simple as possible. What you actually do on a day-to-day basis would not be put here; instead, that would be something you do as a matter of course.

This purpose statement is, instead, your official declaration to the students at Lakehead University for why you exist.

Please write a short purpose statement. Your purpose statement should outline what your club is primarily for and what you plan to do for your members. For example, the LU Tennis Club might write, "To promote the sport of tennis at Lakehead University and to support our members through providing resources and opportunities for improving their playing skill."
If you want to limit your membership, you may select an option above. Please note that you may only limit your membership if your club falls into one of the above categories.
Use a declarative statement, such as: "Only students who are in the undergraduate biology program at Lakehead University are allowed to be members"
If you charge a fee for membership (e.g., all members must pay a $5 fee to be a part of the club), select "yes". Please note that if you charge fees to your membership, there must be a good reason and the fee amount must make sense, otherwise your application will not be accepted.

Your Club Officers

Your club must have at least three officers who must take on the responsibilities of President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Officers are the individuals who run the club and make decisions. You may change the titles of these officers or customize their responsibilities, but it is recommended that you keep the default unless you intend on formalizing their additional responsibilities.

Your chief executive is usually responsible for running the club, planning its events, recruiting members, and making decisions about the club's direction and activities.
Customize chief executive's responsibilities

Your treasurer is usually responsible for your club's finances, including paying bills, receiving donations, and soliciting funding for your club's activities.
Customize treasurer's responsibilities

Your club's secretary is usually responsible for your club's official records, including recording the activities your club takes part in. They also record minutes at your annual general meeting where your club members elect their new officers. They also typically assist the chief executive with planning and organizing activities.
Customize secretary's responsibilities

Public Contact Information

Your club will be listed on LUSU's clubs directory. In case current or prospective members wish to get a hold of you, please provide contact information of the person who will be handling these requests.

Typically, your public contact is also your club's president, but it may be someone else.
Optionally, you may publish your phone number so members can call you. If you don't want your phone number to be public, you may leave this blank.
If your club as a room on campus, you may enter that here.

Prepare to submit your application

Once you submit your application, your club president will receive an e-mail with information about how to proceed with the club application, including submitting a final club constitution and opening it up to new members.

Please take a moment to review your application by clicking on the "Previous" button and ensuring all of the details are accurate. Once you are ready to submit your application and proceed to the next phase, click "Submit Club Application" below.