Lakehead Orillia Muslim Student Association

Name Lakehead Orillia Muslim Student Association (OMSA)
Type Club
Campus Orillia
Purpose Coming to university for the first time, to a context and setting drastically different than the one you may be used to is a challenge. With a sense of community, these new challenges, issues, and struggles can be reconciled and adapted to in a positive way. This is a group in which the daily struggles of University life, as well as issues and ideas relating to faith, can be discussed in a productive and open-minded manner. This is a club open to all people of all faiths, creeds, and ideas, as elitism and discrimination have no place in Islam. This club will also be a huge attractant of other Muslim students to the university as an MSA is a group highly sought after by people within the Muslim community.
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Status Certificate

Certification Certified without conditions Expires on 2019-10-31
Mailing Address Lakehead Orillia Muslim Student Association
c/o Lakehead University Student Union
500 University Ave.
Room OA-1028
Orillia, ON L3V 0B9
Accounts Payable and Receivable Orillia Campus Coordinator
(705) 330-4008, ext. 2180 Please contact us before issuing credit to this organziation.
Risk Management Contact Angela Calaiezzi
(807) 343-8552
Public Contact Aadam Bandaisha


Executive Officers Aadam Bandaisha, President
Mohamed Rashid, Treasurer
Zakariya Bandaisha, Secretary
The above persons are authorized to represent this organization to the university community and the public.
Current As Of 2019-10-22

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