Apply to Join Creative Theoretical Universes of Lakehead University (CTHULU)

About Creative Theoretical Universes of Lakehead University (CTHULU)

C.Th.U.L.U. exists to represent gaming, with the greatest focus on social, in-person play. We facilitate the enjoyment of tabletop role-playing games (ex. Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness), tabletop board/card games (ex. Monopoly, Joking Hazard, Munchkin), and, to a lesser extent, video games (ex. Mario Party). We aim to promote a social environment for students to enjoy gaming and build a friendly, welcoming community for everybody interested. We have both a Facebook group and a Discord server, the club's website links to the Facebook group, feel free to contact an officer for an invite to the Discord server!

If you are not a Lakehead University student, you may leave this field blank.