Apply to Join Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (SETA)

About Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (SETA)

The purpose of SETA is to raise awareness about the ethical treatment of animals and what can be done to help resolve unethical treatment. The club will also focus on veganism and how to live a more sustainable, as well as cruelty free, life. Each member can expect to participate in tabling events that raise awareness for many different animal issues. Other events will include vegan potlucks and guest speakers. This club is a great platform for students to advocate for not using animals for food, clothing, entertainment or experiments. Hopefully we can eventually end the oppression against them. In the future, SETA would love to team up with other clubs to fight against any form of oppression. SETA will also focus on education about food security and would like to put on events where ethically sourced farmers come to Lakehead.

If you are not a Lakehead University student, you may leave this field blank.