Thunder Bay Student Societies

Student Societies are member-based organizations established around certain faculties or departments at Lakehead University and are usually formally supported by them. Their members include students who study in particular programs who are automatically members of the society based on their affiliation.

Only certified Student Societies are listed on this page. If you do not see a society here, it is not on LUSU's official list and you should contact us with any questions.

Name Acronym
Lakehead University Engineering Student Society ESS
Lakehead University Nursing Association LUNA
Lakehead University Psi Chi Chapter PSICHI

Thunder Bay Clubs Directory

Only certified clubs are listed on this page. If you do not see a club here, it is not on LUSU's official list and you should contact us with any questions.

Name Acronym
African Caribbean Student Association AFCASA
Black Law Students' Association of Lakehead Univeristy BLSA-LU
Compass North CN
CSEB Lakehead Chapter CSEB
Education Student Teachers' Association ESTA
English Students' Association ESA
Friendship for Overseas College and University Students FOCUS
Geological Association of Lakehead University GALU
Great Lakes Surfing Club GLSC
Kinesiology Association of Lakehead University KALU
Lakehead Association of Biology Students LABS
Lakehead Disability Advocacy Club LDAC
Lakehead Literary Society LLS
Lakehead Progressive Conservatives LUPC
Lakehead Scientista LUS
Lakehead University Anime & Manga LUM
Lakehead University Applied Life Sciences Club LUAPLS
Lakehead University Canoe and Kayak Club LUCK
Lakehead University Christian Fellowship LUCF
Lakehead University Climbing Club LUUC
Lakehead University Community Outreach Association LUCO
Lakehead University Dance Team LUDT
Lakehead University Food Security Club LUFSC
Lakehead University French Club LUFC
Lakehead University Interprofessional Student Society LIPSS
Lakehead University Music Association LUMA
Lakehead University Muslim Student Association LUMSA
Lakehead University Native Student Association LUNSA
Lakehead University PC Gaming Society LUPCGS
Lakehead University Pre-Med Society LUPMS
Lakehead University Rotaract Club LURC
Lakehead University Society of Chemists LUSC
Lakehead University Wildlife Society LUWS
Psychological Association of Lakehead Students PALS
Shelter House Volunteering Group SHVG
T-Bay Smash TBS
The Support Hub TSH
Visual Art Network VAN
Women's and Gender Studies Student Association WGSSA

Only clubs that are currently active are listed in this directory. A club may be removed from the list temporarily while its renewal application is processed; if you are expecting to see a club here but don't, please come back in a few days.

Clubs are closed to new members starting April 1st of each year and will be open once more for applications in the fall.